Kommigraphics always works
closely with you at every step of a
well structured procedure of brand
design, so that your views are.

Your Business Environment defines everything.

What results does your Business Environment create?

Our Culture engagements must include the senior leaders of the group, business unit or company. We do not work with personality assessment tools that categorize peoples ways of working, thinking or communicating. Assessment tools as they relate to behaviour yield short term or superficial results. These tools work well to create awareness between employees that “change is coming” and are insufficient to actually creating “the change that is coming”.

Every Business Environment is unique and aspects of it will change constantly, while some aspects will remain the same. Sometimes this looks like a process that is done only because… it has always been done… yet it offers little value today. It can also look like structures, agreements, beliefs, visions, policies, infrastructure or org charts that were designed in different conditions… and have not changed in similar ways to how the business, industry or society has.

We design Business Environments that allow “what’s possible” to be experienced.