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This Is Not Just About #MeToo.

The dialogue surrounding the most recent Gillette Short Film is the very dialogue the Film is out to expose.

This is a time to reflect… and learn…. it’s a chance we have… to do differently. It is a chance to challenge everything we have been told… everything we believe is true… and everything we are used to.

No this short film is not about #metoo.

It is about breaking through every stereotype our society ignores.

It is showing us how people get away with things or just let things go because of the “stereotypes”. Stereotypes have justified what’s wrong… to be right… or acceptable… or an excuse because it’s a norm.

We have turned a blind eye to the evolution of our ignorance.

….and the speed at which our dominos are falling… each one used to stand like our independence once did…. we were able to think for ourselves. But with every moment we turn a blind eye to the disgusting comments… degrading texts…. and bullying in schools and corporations and on highways with children in cars…. the more we ignore this… the more we promote this.

But pay attention because it is getting worse! We have made a machine out of our own demise…. we watch content that programs us to be anything but our best…. this content sells us on dreams and distracts from………….. what? Why do you sit in front of a tv and watch what you watch? Why do you listen to music that says what it says? This film isn’t about how men must do better…. this film is about society and how we got here.

Where we think we know it all…. but wait. We do. We know it’s not right to follow others… we know it’s not right to allow others to hold us back….. but we are so fixated on competition and “being the man….” that we are missing what it means to be alive…. to be the most intelligent being known to…… us. To have the power to change…. to have the ability to learn…. to communicate and build and share and create…. we have this power…. yet we are helpless…

we are victims of our insecurities that cause us to “fit in”…. with no strength to stand up and say what we really think…… every reason we mutter for the way things are is another validation to the way things will be.

STOP!!!! Listen to yourself….. and turn the TV off!!!

make up your own mind…. and do something that you are passionate about… change our path…. if not for yourself…. change it for every child who took their life. Stop and think about that……….. seriously… look in the mirror….

…look closer at yourself…. do you remember your nightmares? When you were 6… maybe 8…. I just remembered a nightmare I had when I was around 10. I feared this black shadow… I thought monsters were in my closet….. make up stuff that my mom could prove didn’t exist.

…I get it…. I may be naive. Call me too young to get it. You may see a slight smirk and judge me….. but that’s just your bias again…. your “this means that” assumptions and your inability to think as YOU! And talk to me. Ask me questions and get to know me…. stop judging me by my skin….

and make a change! Do it for you! Think your own thoughts.

…look around you…. and notice the people noticing what you’re noticing. Pay attention to who is watching what you are watching! Our children are learning from us!

They will do what we do…. and this is easy to change.

We just need to wake up and think for ourselves…. we must remember what it was like… to be young and aware of everything around us…. because we were learning how to be human!

remember when you were young…. and remember what it was like to watch your parents. Did they fight? Maybe argue? Yell… scream…. or maybe at times…. well it was “acceptable back then”… another stereotype.

It wasn’t right for you to watch. It wasn’t right for you to be forgotten…. you were just a little kid… learning how to grow up. Remember what it was like to grow up able to choose…. free to look at the sky and wonder what it would be like to be able to fly….

Is this really it? Are we the best we can be?

I don’t know how this post has changed your viewpoint of me. I am not clear what, if any impact will result of this. Maybe your insatiable need for stereotypes will cause you to label me. Who knows really…. the judgement in our society is so profound that I might as well not fight it….. just accept it…. and be me.

….so burn your shoes… toss your razors…..! All I ask is that you read this again… one more time. If you really want to make a point of something….. why not take a stand for something that is actually happening for real. Aren’t you tired of it all? My daughter has nightmares that someone will walk into her school and kill everyone. She wakes up crying over the thought of my building blowing up. And we don’t watch ANY TV…. none! These issues are everywhere…. and all of our kids are being affected by them. You may laugh and say “this will make them tough!” and while I agree that they are going to grow up and want to be nothing like us… I agree that they will be stronger than we were…. I do agree! I just don’t want to waste any more time waiting to see how it all plays out. It’s 2020 next year. Do you get that! 2020 used to feel like a lifetime away…. and now it is here. Are we really where you thought we would be as a society? Time is definitely up! It is time that we all challenged ourselves to do more… so that we can get closer to our best. Together!


Please read that again…. and let’s do more. Challenge yourself. Get closer to your best…! Because this isn’t about men. It’s not about how wrong we have been. This film is a point… a point that we all miss… the point!

Humanity is not our best. We have a lot of work to do…and if we don’t start aligning then we are fucked. No… our children’s children are…. your grand kids will be. Your great grand kids…. they won’t know what an elephant is. The would never see a bee…. great forests will be in stories and…. listen. I am not an environmentalist. I am not vegan. I have never been to a rally and I wouldn’t protest.

I do however try my best to be aware of my own short comings. I try hard not to blame others. I understand that we never know what experiences others had that caused them to do some of the things people do. But most of all….. I am doing my best to get closer to my best.

Thank you Gillette. While I know some researchers proved your business would be safe from any ridicule… maybe they used Nike as the example…. I get smart marketers were briefed to create ROI. You didn’t have to make this film. You could have fallen victim to the fear of standing out and doing what you believe is right… you could have done what so many of us do… every time we see someone hurting….. or sad…. scared…. or in trouble…. you could have kept walking too. But you didn’t. You approved the AD…. you took a risk….. and you stood for something really powerful…… you reminded me to be me. To think for myself…. and to live my best.

Do something productive with your profits…. don’t stop what you have started.